Who can help me find a job?

How can I learn to communicate what I need, how to ask for help

Write for yourself: “What I need is….”. That helps to turn negative labeling into positive. Consider, for example:

  • A quiet, fixed workplace (e.g. tidy, less light and noise, closed door, less bothered by colleagues passing by).
  • Demarcated work, clear job description and structure or focus on limited tasks that are varied, a clear package of tasks.
  • Clear view of the workload.
  • Possibly a slower work rate than other employees; fewer (complex) tasks and fewer ad hoc jobs. Respect my pace: sometimes I work a little slower but always correct.
  • A fixed office hour for asking questions, then it is clear when we can ask questions.
  • Clear instructions, preferably in writing.
  • Check if I have understood the instruction correctly.
  • Being invited to social activities at work (but not making them mandatory).
  • Clear compliments (not only are you doing a good job, but clearly state which task or behavior is being assessed).

How do I tell an employer about my autism?