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You are looking for a job and you have autism. That's how you handle it! A booklet with explanations to make the job search easier!

Be open about the strengths and weaknesses and the possible problems that this can cause. The extent to which you suffer from the ASD determines the further development of knowledge about yourself. The more knowledge about yourself, the better. Present yourself as a valuable employee! People with autism are often:

  • Honest, reliable & loyal
  • Good at specializing
  • Good at long-term concentration (within area of interest)
  • Strong Memory
  • Good at (objective) analysis
  • Careful
  • Good detail observers
  • Good at technology

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This brochure contains information about find, get and keep work!

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Three people with autism talk about their diverse experiences on the labor market!

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Know your strengths. Get inspired by this story ‘Thanks to my autism I work very structured’!