"The Valueable network is the European network of socially responsible companies of the hospitality sector. It has been created within the Erasmus + “On my own…at work” project, financed by the European Commission in 2014-2017. During those years, a group of disability associations, universities, hotels and one foundation for equal opportunities designed, developed and tested the three tools, which are now promoted by the network: – an app for the trainees/workers with intellectual disabilities, – videos for a proper relationship between people with intellectual disabilities and their colleagues, – and e-learning for managers of the hospitality sector aimed at certifying the efforts of the company towards job inclusion. The first labels were released in December 2016 to Portuguese and Italian hospitality companies and now the Valueable network counts more than 100 members, from Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey."

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It supports companies to understand the added social and market value that autistic workers can provide. In doing this, it provides practical recommendations and guidelines which can help ensure the suitable placement of autistic individuals in employment.


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SAP’s groundbreaking Autism at Work program, launched in 2013, leverages the unique abilities and perspectives of people with autism to foster innovation as we help customers become intelligent enterprises. The program taps into an underutilized talent source, reducing barriers of entry so qualified individuals can fully develop their potential.  

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A list of adjustments you can make in the workplace to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder feel comfortable