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TransitAction - Transformation for Everyone!

Diversity is a fact, inclusion is an act. We strongly believe in the talents of people with autism. That is why this website provides practical tips and general information about employment to people with ASD, employers, jobcoaches and personal supporters. With this website we want to encourage them all to take action and work closely together to ensure that people with autism can find and keep paid work in the open labor market.

Because we want to encourage people with autism, job coaches, employers and other supporters to take action, 'action' is the keyword of the website. Each letter refers to an important step you can take, as a person with autism, employer, job coach or supporter, and contains information, practical tools and success stories to inspire you.

We give you a limited number of tools in which we see the most added value. The selection of the information and tools is based on the experiences of the participating organizations in this project.