What is TransitAction?

The TransitAction Project provides, Young Adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (YAASD), their Job Coaches and other actors in their lives, new skills and innovative tools to support them overcome the challenges in transitioning from education to employment. The project has adopted, tested and provided training across a broad range of resources that are accessible on the TransitAction website

What is Autism?

In simple terms, autism is a neurological difference that many people are born with which affects how they experience the world around them and how they communicate with others.

An autistic person will have a different understanding of the world, a different way of seeing the world and interacts with their environment differently to someone who is not on the spectrum. This presents an individual with challenges in areas that come naturally to others, but it can also present strengths and abilities due to that ability to think differently.

People with Autism can have all kind of different talents and strenghts depending on their personal skills.

We understand now that autistic people just think or communicate differently than neurotypical people and these differences are not wrong. While our understanding is progressing and being reconfigured, there is still a long way to go to combat the stigma that autistic people experience.

The stigma is not justified, because companies proove that neurodiverse teams , tend to be more efficient and happier.

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